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Computer Graphics GNDU PTU PU LPU Punjabi University BCA BSc IT BSc Computer Science PGDCA Digital Lecture Notes pdf download

GNDU PU PTU LPU Computer Graphics Ebook Lecture Notes pdf Download|Anand Technical Publishers|Neeraj K Anand — PARAM ANAND

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Computer Graphics Lecture Notes for Teachers to Teach at Digital Board. Become a Digital Teacher in Digital World.

GNDU PU PTU LPU Computer Graphics Ebook Lecture Notes pdf Download|Anand Technical Publishers|Neeraj K Anand — PARAM ANAND

Syllabus : GNDU

Course Name: Computer Graphics

Bachelor of Computer Applications (Semester – VI)

1. Overview of Graphics system: Computer Graphics and their applications.
2. Display Devices: CRT Monitors (Random – Scan and Raster Scan, DVST, Plasma – Panel Display, LED and LCD Monitors.
3. Graphics Software.
4. Elementary Drawing: Points and various line drawing Algorithms and their
comparisons. Circle generating algorithms, Algorithms for ellipse, arc and spiral
5. Two Dimensional Transformations: Basic Transformations, Scaling, Translation,
Rotation, Reflection, Shear, Matrix representation of Basic transformations and
homogenous coordinates.
6. Composite Transformations: Windowing and clipping. Windowing concepts, clipping and its algorithms. Window–to–view port transformations. Three Dimensional concepts. 3 D Coordinate Systems. 3 transformations. translation, scaling, rotation, projections, parallel projections. Perspective projection.
7. Implementation in C: C programming for drawing 2 D objects – line rectangle, arc, circle and ellipse. C Programming for 2–D and 3–D transformations.

Course Name: Computer Graphics



Overview of Computer Graphics: Applications of Computer Graphics, Raster–Scan displays, Random–Scan displays, Color CRT Monitors, Flat–Panel Displays; Video Controller, Display Processor, Common Graphic Input and Output devices, Graphic File Formats. Output Primitives: DDA, Bresenham Line Algorithm; Bresenham and Midpoint Circle drawing algorithms; Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm; Flood and Boundary Filling;
Two Dimensional Geometric Transformation: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection; Matrix representations; Composite transformations;
Two Dimensional Viewing: Viewing coordinate reference frame; Window to Viewport
coordinate transformation, Point Clipping; Cohen–Sutherland and Liang–Barskey Algorithms for line clipping; Sutherland–Hodgeman algorithm for polygon clipping.
Three Dimensional Transformations: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection and composite transformations.
Three Dimensional Viewing: Projections: Parallel and Perspective, Viewing Transformation: View Plan, View Volumes and Clipping.
Curves and Surfaces: Parametric representation, Bezier and B–Spline curves.
Color Models: Properties of Light, Intuitive Color Concepts, RGB Color Model, CMY Color Model, HLS and HSV Color Models, Conversion between RGB and CMY color Models, Conversion between HSV and RGB color models, Color Selection and  applications.

I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Introduction to Computer Graphics
Applications of Computer Graphics. Graphs and Types of Graphs
Input Devices: Light Pens, Graphic Tablets, Joysticks, Track Ball, Data
Glove, Digitizers, Image Scanner.
Video Display Devices: Refresh Cathode Ray Tube, Raster Scan displays,
Random Scan displays, Color CRT – monitors and Color generating
techniques (Shadow Mask, Beam Penetration), Flat-Panel Displays; 3-D
Viewing Devices, Graphics monitors and workstations, Color Models (RGB
and CMY), Lookup Table.
Introduction Virtual Reality & Environments: Applications in
Engineering, Architecture, Education, Medicine, Entertainment, Science, Training.
Process and need of Scan Conversion, Scan conversion algorithms for Line, Circle and Ellipse using direct method, Bresenham’s algorithms for line & circle and Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm along with their derivations, Area Filling Techniques, Flood Fill Techniques, Character Generation.
2 – Dimensional Graphics
Cartesian and need of Homogeneous co-ordinate system, Geometric transformations (Translation, Scaling, Rotation, Reflection, Shearing), Viewing transformation and clipping (line, polygon and text) using Cohen Sutherland, Sutherland Hodgeman and Liang Barsky algorithm for clipping.
3 – Dimensional Graphics
Introduction to 3-dimensional Graphics: Geometric Transformations (Translation,  scaling, Rotation), Mathematics of Projections (Parallel & Perspective). Color Shading. Introduction to Morphing techniques.


I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering

Module 1: Introduction to Engineering Drawing covering
Principles of Engineering Graphics and their significance, usage of Drawing instruments, lettering, Conic sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola (General method only); Cycloid, Epicycloid, Hypocycloid and Involute; Scales – Plain, Diagonal and Vernier Scales;
Module 2: Orthographic Projections covering Principles of Orthographic Projections-Conventions – Projections of Points and lines inclined to both planes; Projections of
planes inclined Planes – Auxiliary Planes

Module 3: Projections of Regular Solids covering
those inclined to both the Planes- Auxiliary Views; Draw simple annotation, dimensioning and scale. Floor plans that include: windows, doors, and fixtures such as WC, bath, sink, shower, etc
Module 4: Sections and Sectional Views of Right Angular Solids covering
Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone – Auxiliary Views; Development of surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder and Cone; Draw the sectional orthographic views of geometrical solids, objects from industry and dwellings (foundation to slab only)
Module 5: Isometric Projections covering
Principles of Isometric projection – Isometric Scale, Isometric Views, Conventions; Isometric Views of lines, Planes, Simple and compound Solids; Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice-versa, Conventions;
Module 6: Overview of Computer Graphics covering listing the computer technologies that impact on graphical communication, Demonstrating knowledge of the theory of CAD software [such as: The Menu System, Toolbars (Standard, Object Properties, Draw, Modify and Dimension), Drawing Area (Background, Crosshairs, Coordinate System), Dialog boxes and windows, Shortcut menus (Button Bars), The Command Line (where applicable), The Status Bar, Different methods of zoom as used in CAD, Select and erase objects.; Isometric Views of lines, Planes, Simple and compound Solids];

Module 7: Customisation & CAD Drawing
consisting of set up of the drawing page and the printer, including scale settings, setting up of units and drawing limits; ISO and ANSI standards for coordinate dimensioning and tolerancing; Orthographic constraints, Snap to objects manually and automatically; Producing drawings by using various coordinate input entry methods to draw straight lines, Applying various ways of drawing circles;
Module 8: Annotations, layering & other functions covering
applying dimensions to objects, applying annotations to drawings; Setting up and use of layers, layers to create drawings,
Create, edit and use customized layers; Changing line lengths through modifying existing lines (extend/lengthen); Printing documents to paper using the print command; orthographic projection techniques; Drawing sectional views of composite right
regular geometric solids and project the true shape of the sectioned surface; Drawing annotation, Computer-aided design (CAD) software modeling of parts and assemblies. Parametric and nonparametric solid, surface, and wireframe models. Part
editing and two-dimensional documentation of models. Planar projection theory, including sketching of perspective, isometric, multiview, auxiliary, and section views. Spatial visualization exercises. Dimensioning guidelines, tolerancing techniques;
dimensioning and scale multi views of dwelling;
Module 9: Demonstration of a simple team design project that illustrates Geometry and topology of engineered components: creation of engineering models and their  presentation in standard 2D blueprint form and as 3D wire-frame and shaded solids; meshed topologies for engineering analysis and tool-path generation for component manufacture; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing; Use of solid-modeling software for creating associative models at the component and assembly levels; floor plans that include: windows, doors, and fixtures such as WC, bath, sink, shower, etc. Applying colour coding according to building drawing practice; Drawing sectional elevation showing foundation to ceiling; Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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